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Castle Levanthall This castle has been home to many royal families, even in our oligarchy. Our castle is a very beautiful place. All of our decisions made for our country happen here. If you notice our flag that hangs at this castle, you may want to know why it is what it is. We have the colours of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, because we are famous for our ice cream and that is the favourite flavour of our citizens, not to say they do not like the others.

What else? We pick our rulers through blood, THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. This is an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a country , buisness or place ruled by a group of people. You may think of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Pakistan or Tunisia. People that make decisions in our government are those of the upper classes. If you are rich, as in, you have found yourself with quite a bit of money, you are a part of the people that make decisions. We deicided on this because if you have more money, you have more power. I am sorry, but if you decide to become a citizen or are a citizen, your views/comments/concerns are most likely not going to be taken into consideration. We do have some interactive websites and other things of the sort. You may also vote on new laws. We do tax, just like any other place. Also, donations from our people. This is to make money so that we can provide you with what you need/want. But one thing that makes us special is that we are a government founded on ice cream. Another thing to remember is that our country's main heritages are Irish and English, or British. This country was founded by Irishmen. Men from Britian came over and settled with them.


Artists have been known to portray life as it was here since the early 1500's.


How will the government regulate the processing of food from its supply?

We will use the Minty Freshia Department of Agriculture, M.F.D.A. We will have a workplace safety department. Occupational Safety and Health Agency, or O.S.E.A., will help with workplace safety. We will provide monthly factory inspections to our factories. Mainly, our ice cream factories will be inspected more often, although, all factories will be inspected thoroughly.

How will the government fight epidemic and pandemic diseases?

We will provide vaccines, you can have them done by a practitioner, doctor, M.D. or other medical personnel, or, you can wait in line at a local drug store to get them for free with no medical pre-pay costs. If need be, we will quarantine off areas, for the health of the outer public. Once quarantined, the people of the town that has previously been quarantined and is on lock down, will be provided vaccinations and other medical supplies necessary to rescue as many people as possible, if their current state is curable.

What are some advantages of providing H2O to the citizens of your government? What are some disadvantages?

We, as a government, gain profit from providing H2O to our citizens. Citizens will be able to upkeep the gardens and natural forests of our country, without having to travel, by car or by bike or by a different mode of transportation, too far to get it. There is a disadvantage for our country with this, we will not make as large a profit on gas taxes. It is also helpful to our citizens health. Water, as long as our sewer systems and water processing plants are functioning well, can help prevent health problems.

2014 Fiscal Budget for Minty Freshia (country)

We have 1 trillion dollars to use for this year. This is our formal Budget Plan:

Use 1 million to import silk clothing to use as trading to our ally countries like Austria, China, Ireland, and England.

Use 2 million to purchase medical supplies such as vaccines, for diseases like Influenza, Small Pox, Malaria, and Swine Flu. Also, we need the small necessities such as Band-aids, Neosporin, gauze, and cast materials for broken bones.

Use $500,000 to eliminate the still bodies of water that attract bugs and mosquitoes. Such as marshes and ponds. Our canals are kept running.

Use 1 million for upkeep of public entertainment such as Zoo's, lakes, and parks, and hiking trails.

Use 2 million for hospital supplies and grocery store merchandise.

Every 6 months use 2 million to upkeep the country's famous ice cream making factories that keepthe country, and others, supplies with delicious ice cream.

Use 4 million to upkeep and help out with restraunts and local buisnesses that keep our small, but industrious, country running and full of tourists. Another thing that 4 million will be used for is to pay for the small bed and breakfasts that keep our country busy and alive.

Use 3 million to supply the schools with materials and keep them up and running.

Use 7 million to paying law informants and supplying them with any necessary supplies.

Use $10,000 for a donation to our malita.

Use 4 million to the upkeep and restoring of the famous Castle Levanthall.

Any left over money will go to extra things that we will need that may come up as the year progresses, unexpectantly or otherwise after this budget is set. Farming, and agriculture are paid for by the citizens taxes. Their taxes also go towards our country's factories.

Cities of Miny Freshia Some of our older cities are built with stone. Newer cities, however, are built with wood and other materials.

Simple Life Life in the cities of Minty Freshia is simple, yet elegant. We have beautiful waterways, as shown here, to provide beauty and easy transportation.

Although, some people of our country may not like the way we rule because : "Sometimes we just don't care." Our way of doing things as a government is different from what you may be accustomed to. Beauty and elegance is something our country is famous for, along with our ice cream. These are two very good things about our country.

    Language Arts

How will you teach the citizens abou the new government? Describe at least five ways to reach the masses.

In order to tell the citizens about the government we will use posters, telling them at school, books about the new government, news programs and by creating websites where they can learn.

What are the citizen's options if they are upset about the new government? Describe those options.

If the citizens are unhappy about the government they can vote on new laws and ideas, give ideas to the government and they can use interactive websites to tell the government their ideas.

What are some possible reactions your government will experience as a result of the citizens being unhappy?

Some possible reactions the government might encounter as a result of citizens being unhappy are: boycotting government organizations and revolting against the government.

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